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"A unique and fantastic children's picture book"

In this beautifully illustrated tale of a cat without a tail, our hero learns how to believe in himself, overcome his fears, and feel comfortable in his own fur – with lots of adventures along the way.

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An inspiring story of courage, teamwork, and the long journey home

When a sad and hungry kitty is rescued from a garbaggy place by a loving family, only to lose them again, he sets out to find them. On his journey, he encounters many strange and wonderful creatures. Along the way, he learns that he is a bit different than most cats and the other creatures aren't so nice about his unique qualities.

Readers' Favorite Five Stars

Written By

Susan Sullivan

Susan was inspired to write her first book when Bob adventured his way into her family.

Illustrated By

Lauren Reeves

Lauren Reeves is an illustrator with a Master of Fine Art from Western Connecticut State University.


What Readers Are Saying feelings are woven into the narrative, especially pertaining to the reality of Bob not having a tail, which offer readers multiple opportunities to consider and discuss the meaning and message of the book. This is a well-written, highly engaging addition to library collections for young readers.

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