About The Author

Susan Sullivan earned her Bachelor of Science Degree from Louisiana State University and certification in Nuclear Medicine at LSU Medical School. After working as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist and Ultrasonographer for several years, Susan taught high school Biology and Anatomy and was the One Act Play and Literary Coach for ten. Susan enjoys fishing, golf, beekeeping, and caring for her rescue pets. Susan is married and has three beautiful daughters. This is her first book. [Goodreads]

About The Illustrator

Lauren Reeves is an illustrator with a Master of Fine Art from Western Connecticut State University. Having several published works including "Andy in the Attic," Lauren has been creating fantastic digital paintings for children's books, commissioned drawings, architectural coloring, and whimsical pet portraits for years. When she's not in her studio, Lauren can be found at conventions meeting new friends, or outside exploring the natural world for inspiration.

About The Protagonist

Bob was rescued and brought home to live with the author and her family. Soon after arriving, the family went away for a weekend and Bob took off to look for them. He was found after being missing for three weeks, four miles away at a home who had taken him in. This happened five times! By the fifth time it only took him 24 hours to arrive at this home. The owners finally bribed Bob to stay by feeding him tuna and he never left again! Bob is one of the most gentle natured cats the owners have had, but he sure does like his adventures.