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Must read 🏆

The thirteen chapters are full of action, adventure, love, and gorgeous illustrations of animals and insects.

In every chapter, Bob meets new faces. He met some friendly animals and some rude animals. Art imitates life in this instance. No matter the reader's age, you will encounter people who will lift you up and those who enjoy tearing you down. It's important to remember the wise words of Oakley, the owl: "What others think doesn't matter half as much as what you think."

What a story (Bob) had to share with his furry brothers and sisters. He swam. He flew. He had an adventure that would widen any furry friend's eyes with shock and disbelief.

Emma Megan

Bob Tales: Land of the Woody Warbles by Susan Sullivan tells the story of a stray cat with no tail. This cat needs a family. He lives behind Bea's Breakfast Buffet and searches for food in the garbage. However, after a long day of him being bullied by other cats, a man discovers him and adopts him. Now, the stray cat has a home, a family, and a name: Bob. He is safe, happy, and loved. But one day, when his owners didn't return home as they always did before dark, Bob got scared and thought they had gotten lost. Thus, Bob leaves his new home and goes on a dangerous mission to search for his lost family. On his journey, Bob meets many friendly and not-so-friendly creatures that will teach him important lessons.

Bob Tales by Susan Sullivan is a unique and fantastic children's picture book full of adventure, friendship, peril, and courage. This story demonstrates the importance of teamwork, not giving up, overcoming your fears, not believing what others think about you, and trusting yourself. The adorable watercolor illustrations beautifully capture the essence of this inspiring story. Each chapter invites you to experience the world as a cat might. It also invites you to discover other animals like a snake, a frog, a fish, a lemur, a mantis, a turtle, a bee, a worm, and an owl. This is a delightful choice for any young mind interested in a tale about a cool, brave, and intelligent kitty. The beautiful ending will melt your heart and bring a smile to your face.

Mary’s Reviews

...social-emotional feelings are woven into the narrative, especially pertaining to the reality of Bob not having a tail, which offer readers multiple opportunities to consider and discuss the meaning and message of the book. This is a well-written, highly engaging addition to library collections for young readers.

Karen Rigby, Foreword Magazine

In Susan Sullivan’s uplifting chapter book, Bob Tales, a stray feline is rescued, seeks adventures, and learns that he's capable and loved.

The book veers into fantasy territory when Bob encounters a walking stick that dons a top hat, sings, and dances. And the illustrations depict the woodland setting, bathed in golden light, with whimsy. In Bob Tales, a cat in search of its owners makes woodland friends and is reassured of his own worth.

Diane Donovan’s Bookshelf

Susan Sullivan's evocative adventure is punctuated by the gorgeous drawings Lauren Reeves liberally provides of wildlife and nature as Bob perseveres against all odds, sparked by a message of hope.

As he faces drowning, drama from the bees, and admonitions to never give up on his goals and dreams, adults will find that Bob's adventures hold notes of inspiration that will enhance discussions about courage, problem-solving, and life.

Libraries and read-aloud parents seeking a feisty feline-based story of a cat who receives key lessons on how to believe in himself will find Bob Tales: Land of the Woody Warbles both psychologically revealing and filled with lovely nature observations and illustrations that celebrate different creatures in the wild.